Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Viva Las Vegas '05

Mercy boys make another great pilgrimage to Sin City for the largest men's clothing show in the world. Buying was our mission for next spring and fall for Sebastian's Closet. Wow, where to begin. 7 days in Vegas of wining and dining and a bit of gaming boils down to some of the finest culinary experiences yet! Before the decadence of food and drink there is fashion.......Here it is.......jeans, jeans and more jeans. Flip flops with jeans that are whipped and distressed, t-shirts and suit jackets! Just when you think you have seen all the jeans you can take there is another line to look at. We observed that patrons in the finest restaurants in Las Vegas are wearing jeans!

Now for the foodies and winos! Night one: 3950 at the Mandalay Bay. No more than 20 tables with a waitlist of weeks finds this great boutique hidden away in the corner and easily missed. 3950 is the address of the restaurant. Nuveau Americana cuisine is outstanding with elegant presentation. The restaurant's decor is modern Las Vegas red and black and walking in you escape the madness of the gambling crowds. You are pretty certain to find a celeb or two hidden away in here as this is one of their favorite haunts to get away and enjoy an incredible meal. Their business cards states "reservations are coveted". Gotta love it! After a great meal who swung over to the Flamingo to see George Wallace the comedian. George has been on the road opening for guys such as Tom Jones for over 30 years. He is better and funnier than ever! One of the Mercy boys got called and stage and berated. Very fun evening.

Night 2: One of the highlights of the week: Le Reve, the "Cirque like" show at the Wynn then dinner at Bartolotta's restaurant also at the Wynn. www.Wynnlasvegas.com is the website. Check it out. If you have a chance to dine at this establishment do not miss the opportunity to do so. It is like being on the coast of Italy eating seafood caught that day. Paul Bartolotta, chef and owner, has done an incredible job recreating and experience that one can only have by traveling to Italy. This is not to be missed! The entire wine list is Italian. Amazing experience!

Night 3: Bradley Ogden! What can you say about this 1st class experience in culinary delight. Everything is special about this restaurant and the experience you will have here. Service is over the top, as usual and the food is truly amazing. It is no wonder he was voted best new restaurant in Vegas. Book your reservation NOW for this place!

Newly opened Fleur de lys in Mandalay Bay also is an incredible experience in French dining at it's best in Vegas. This is a beautiful restaurant that seats 100 so your evening is intimate, quiet and so incredibly comfortable. A great wine list with a real highlight of great wines by the half bottle. We spent 3 evenings here just having a drink to get tuned up before the night began! Stop in for a glass of wine to see this place or spend your evening here dining. You will not be disappointed! I promise.

Night 6, our last night found us back at Bartolotta's with design guru Arnold Zimberg and his lovely wife Giselle. Dining in the center cabana by the wading pool, chilled as to give you the feeling of air conditioning outside we looked back on this gorgeous restaurant and was taking care of by Chef Bartolotta himself! Doesn’t get much better than this. 2 bottles of Antonari's Tignanello capped off a feast that was fit for Caesar and his court!

Ok, have gone on long enough. Get the picture we had a good time. Gee, if I leave now I can be there by lunch……..Another great Mercy trip! Where to next?

See you are MERCY!