Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Roy Orbison Party

The Roy Orbison Birthday Party

Could there have been a better place to celebrate Roy Orbison's birthday? Mercy, no. Friday April 23 was Roy's birthday and we brought the new year in for Roy in style. Bucky Barrett, Roy's lead guitar player, was our guest celebrity that evening and what a great job he did as well. Over 200 people attended to listen to Bucky play. He did much of his own, easy listening, tunes then broke into the classic Roy songs that he played so many times with THE MAN! I did bring several pieces from my private collection for everyone to see. Signed albums and pictures added to the ambiance of the evening.

We did have another very special guest show for the evening, Wesley Orbison, Roy's son. Wes wrote co-wrote the song, The Only One, on Roy's last album, Mystery Girl. Wes had a great time at his first visit to Mercy and said as the evening came to a close, "dad would have been really proud of tonight".

Thanks Bucky for the genius you bring to Mercy in your playing and thanks to Wesley for being there.

Oh yes, everyone left with a pair of Roy shades to remember the evening by.