Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Back to Nashville

Back to Nashville and recording, and look who yours truly gets to hang with: Bucky Barrett, Roy Orbison's lead guitar player, Scotty Moore, Elvis Presley’s lead guitar player, and Bob Moore. Now you certainly know the first two but Bob? Bob played bass for all of the Patsy Cline hits in the '50s. Also for such notables as Bobby Darrin, Elvis Presley, Conway Twitty - and as a partner in Monument Records, played bass on the original Roy Orbison hits of the early '60s. All three are Grammy Award winners, and Scotty is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Bucky is a member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. I am not worthy, but wow did I have fun!

Now dining... two new spots were discovered on this trip. First, Zola. Voted Best Menu, Best Chef, and Best Restaurant in Nashville in ’02 and ’03. Great quaint little place with an outstanding wine list. The proprietors are a husband and wife team. Ernie mans the front of the house and was our host and Debra is chef extraordinaire! This couple has taken the name of Zola from a street in Paris. A beautifully appointed space and the food is reflective of the attention to detail and incredible flavors. They are also “winos”. Their list was varied from around the world and very well thought out. Congrats to Nashville. You are lucky to have such a great place. Check it out, www.restaurantzola.com.

Our last night we stumbled upon a real gem - tayst (pronounced, taste)! Like Zola, this is a one-stop restaurant, independently owned. Owner and GM Dan Morrissey was our host for the evening and a wonderful one at that. Deep red d├ęcor, simple but elegant, with B&W photos throughout the establishment. Dan says his place is “rustic elegance” and could not have said it better. Presentation of plates was some of the best I have seen. Everything we had was a home run and looked too good to spoil the presentation of the plate but guess what... we did and we cleaned our plates!

Back to Vegas in a few weeks... more then.

See you at Mercy!