Monday, June 20, 2011

Their journey up the river

Every May, around the 15th, the first salmon of the season return to the rivers and streams of Alaska with the Copper River being one of the first.

King, Sockeye, and Silver salmon embark on their long journeys up the 'Copper to spawn and lay their eggs. As salmon start their journey up the river and prepare to spawn, their feeding habits diminish. Because the Copper River is so swift, they must store extra fat and oils in order to survive the long trip. This high fat and oil content is why Copper River salmon are recognized as some of the world's best-eating salmon.

There are just a few days left before the Copper River salmon season is over and then it is "wait till next year" before it becomes available again. I had dinner last night at Mercy and ordered it for myself. It was superb ! I usually like my salmon medium rare with no sauce and just some fresh lemon wedges. This particular evening, I paired the salmon with a glass of Cooralook Pinot Noir from Australia and let me tell you, it was fantastic !

This wine is outstanding as it comes from the cooler climate of Victoria, Australia. This Pinot is a little lighter in body with a lot of floral and undertones of red cherry, good minerality and balance ~ from front to back. The light acidity was in perfect harmony with the rich, "one of a kind" salmon. While the Copper River Salmon is available, you should definitely come in and experience it for yourself or take a bottle Cooralook Pinot Noir home with you.

Cooralook Pinot Noir $10 glass ~ $35 bottle.

Vincent Havard
Operating Partner

Monday, June 6, 2011

On The Go

For two months now, we have been discussing our new retail wine business.

Changes in wine retail laws now permit Mercy to sell bottles of wine "To Go" just as a wine retailer. Mercy has the extra advantage now of offering our guests the ability to take home a bottle of wine that they may have just enjoyed with their meal.

To call attention to this new offering, we will be doing a special business card drawing each month during the summer.

Drop your business card into a special drawing for "our wine of the month" free give away. Be sure that your business card has an e-mail address as we will be contacting winners via e-mail. You only need to enter once to qualify all summer long !

Good luck !
Mike Castagne
Operations Manager