Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Viva Las Vegas '04

The Mercy Boys +1 took on Vegas for another great trip. Our annual pilgrimage to the largest men's clothing show in the world consumed the better part of a week for the boys. Once again we brought our own rock star, Bucky Barrett, and Mr. PR himself, Jeffrey Yarborough. Jeffrey’s company, BigInk, serves as the PR firm for both Mercy and Sebastian’s Closet. Jeffrey is the master of SCHMOOZE. He knows everyone!

Another very successful buying trip, and next spring you’ll see it all. Hold on to your seats because fashion is changing. HURRAY, the grunge look is fading! Bold, bright striped shirts with collars are in. You remember those, right? Some very cool new things made just right for a nice evening at Mercy!

As you'd expect we sampled some of Vegas' finest dining but first, sightings: Brother Leamy sighted Boy George walking out of the men's show! What, was he lost? The women's show was at the other end of the convention center. It was only 3 p.m. -- he must have gotten up early and was disoriented! First night in Vegas the entire team saw Chris Isaak perform at the House of Blues. He is incredible! We worked hard to get into Chris' dressing room before the show to say hello but he was entertaining Wayne Newton, Mr. Las Vegas. Imagine that! After the show Buckster met Chris, a Roy protege who performed with the Big O. Chris was genuinely pleased to meet Brother Bucky. If he comes to your area he is a MUST see.

Night 1, China Grill: A great place. This has become a ritual now. Three years in a row. Great food, consistent and outstanding service. I know, I can hear you now, how can Chinese food be done like this. Well, it is and this place is great!

Next, Simon Kitchen & Bar: Take particular interest in this place -- housed in the Hard Rock Hotel right across the hall from the famed Nobu. Simon has a great menu with home favorites like meat loaf. But you didn’t grow up on this meat loaf. It is over the top! Great pasta dishes, all at moderate prices. He has a great wine list with many unexpected selections. Now here is the best part: Simon's is coming to Dallas. Yes, in the Crescent Hotel. He will be a great addition to the already superb list of restaurants in Dallas. We can’t wait. Well done, Simon, and we look forward to your grand opening in the Big D!

Now for the creme de le creme: Bradley Ogden. Caesar's Palace is home for this elegant establishment. Recently voted Best New Restaurant in the U.S.! You got it, the entire U.S.! Starting with the sleek and elegant decor, it doesn’t feel stuffy or formal at all but relaxed and comfy. You know this is special when the wait staff approaches in tan suits and ties. Chef Ogden changes his menu every day and has a kitchen nearly the size of the dining rooms. We ordered a bottle of '99 Silver Oak. (After all, it was the last night.) We politely let our waitperson know we were from the "cloth" and asked if the chef was able to pay us rogues a visit. Within two minutes the master, Chef Ogden, was standing at our table. I gave him a card, and to our surprise he had heard of Mercy. Score one for the team! He invited us to a private tour of his kitchen after dinner and allowed us to have photos taken with him. This is a culinary Rock Star! This was not just a nice dinner; this was a dining experience that we will all remember. I can honestly say it was one of the finest dining experiences I have had in the U.S. EVER! Everything about the evening was top notch. If you are in Vegas and do not partake of this experience you are missing out on something very big! Call in advance and make your reservations early. Bradley Ogden is THE MAN!

You really can't top that! We are all back safe and sound and looking forward to seeing you at Mercy!

"No one looks as good as you... MERCY!"
Roy Orbison