Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Creating a New Passion

You may not be aware that Mercy receives deliveries from 17 different wine distributors. To obtain some obscure wines; to offer new wine experiences; takes a bit of work. Many wines offered at Mercy are not available in retail stores. Finding great wines that are a hit with our customers is very rewarding but it also can be frustrating at times; especially so, when we discover that a wine is no longer going to be exported or it has reached the end of its production.

My stepfather always told me "good things take a long time and patience is everything". Choosing a replacement wine for one that is lost takes time. It is not a simple matter of just substituting one wine for another. Mercy's staff possess a knowledge and a passion for the wines that we sell. So bringing in a new wine to our cellar requires a new round of education and a sharing of experiences. A momentum develops and builds among the staff. This momentum becomes a passion which is shared with our guests.

Keeping this momentum is the key for us and to be truthful about the experiences we are sharing. Selecting a replacement wine requires me to find one which is equal to or surpasses the wine that it replaced. We recently lost a wine from Italy made of Aglianico and I just found a replacement for it.


It is made from Aglianico grapes with a Cabernet Sauvignon nuance. Before being introduced to your palate, it goes through a period of aging in nobles oaken casks for at least 24 months to develop a deep, fleshy and ripe fruitfulness. Body and substance, distinction and vigor combined with the deep ruby-red color, keep this wine for a long time. The excellent level of the alcohol content stands the bouquet which shows all its complexity.

I personally love the toasty and ashy notes coming from the mineral and volcanic soil of Puglia.

Enjoy at Mercy for $15/glass. $45/bottle.

Vincent Havard
General Manager and Operating Partner