Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ramping it up

If you have been out and about town, you have seen most of the larger grocery stores allocating large shelf space to wine and beer. The change of "off premise consumption" has gone into full effect. We are expecting our permit revisiion to be approved at the beginning of March which enable us to provide a similiar service to our guests and allow take home wine purchases.

We have worked diligently to source hard to find wines and some things that are unique to add to our wine list and we are very excited about our ability to offer those same wines for you to take home. Unlike, beer or hard liquor, wine which is outstanding one year may not be the next. So much of wine production is really dependent upon weather and soil conditions, so that what is good or great one year may not be the next. This poses a real challenge for us.

Another variable is many of the great wines we source have very limited production, which means we must constantly be looking for new gems all of the time. On any given day Vincent is tasting 10-20 wines a day in search for a few new good ones to bring on board to the Mercy family of wines, knowing others will be coming off the list.

We are very excited about our upcoming ability to bring you those wines at retail. We are in process of ramping up all of the support materials for those wines. We are looking at packaging for wine carriers. We will be selling our stemware as well as wine keys and other Mercy logo items. We will be adding these to our website. This is an exciting addition to Mercy and something we have waited for and have had a lot of request for.

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Take a bit of Mercy home with you and enjoy !!!!

Glen Agritelley