Monday, January 31, 2011

Anticipating the Big Game in Arlington

Like most Dallas football fans, I am anxiously looking forward to watching "the big game" on Sunday which is being broadcast from Arlington, Texas. Did you know that unless you are directly associated with the league or are paying for the rights to use the name, you are not allowed to use *uper *owl, in your advertising statements ?

Even though the local team is not going to be featured, I am still looking forward to what should be a very entertaining game. I have never been to a city which had hosted the big game before but I have heard some interesting stories. I think the most interesting stories, (which have been backed up by numerous advertisements around town) concerns homeowners which have leased their residences for the week long festivities at......pretty exorbitant rates. Some fortunate homeowners, if successful, could garner enough income to satisfy their mortgage payments for several months.

Also, supposedly there is a local motel chain in the Arlington area (rated two stars) which has rented out their rooms at a whopping $600 a night. Unbelievable ! From the media, I have heard reports from prior years events in which they condemned restaurant operators for issuing brand spanking new menus with a greatly inflated pricing structure. Mercy actually may re-print some of our own menus this week as well. In our case, it will be more for cosmetic reasons as a white menu collects a variety of splashes from wine glasses.

Another item of note: Mercy will be "Open For Business" at 2:00 pm instead of our customary 3:57 pm during this week of big game festivities. Addison is a major hotel venue so we anticipate numerous visitors to the area. So, for those of you that are staying in town and have not leased out your residence, stop in for a glass of wine and something to eat during our extended hours of operations.

Mike Castagne
Operations Manager