Monday, January 3, 2011

Breathing a big sigh of relief

I love the holidays; I really do, but they do wear you down, don't they ? Mercy has a lot to be thankful for this past holiday season. We do want to extend our thanks again to all the companies and individuals that came to Mercy for their holiday parties. To those regular guests that we displaced (because of these holiday parties), thank you for your understanding.

The hidden benefit to hosting large scale events as it allows Mercy to directly market a large captive audience. We get to show what we are capable of providing on a large scale and as we always distribute Mercy brochures, we are permitted to introduce ourselves to a new group of potential guests.

Mercy will be closed to the public this Saturday, January 8th as we will host another large private function. We will resume normal operations on Sunday, January 9th.

The first week in February will approach us very shortly as football fans from around the globe will make their journey to our area. We are excited at the prospect of showing new guests what we offer at Mercy and to give the world a taste of some Texas-style hospitality.

We will have just enough time to recover from the Big Game to start making preparations for Valentine's Day !

Thank you for being part of the Mercy family.

Mike Castagne
Operations Manager