Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The spring and summer time are upon us. I can tell by all the festivals that are going on all around us. There are many wonderful events that incorporate music, arts and crafts, carnivals and food and beverage. The Wildflower Festival, Scarborough Fair and the upcoming Taste of Addison just to name a few. All provide a wonderful experience with great food and spirits. Attend one of these many events and train your palate to experience some of the different but excellent food that these vendors have to offer.

The Taste of Addison is this weekend, although Mercy is not participating in this event, I would like encourage you to attend. There will be food from many of Addison’s great restaurants, try them all. There is an especially neat showcase event I would like our wine o’s to attend. For the fourth year in a row, the Robert Mondavi Discover Wine tour will be bringing the Napa Valley wine country experience to Taste of Addison. The nationwide tour honors Mr. Mondavi's interest in wine education and in integrating wine, food and the arts as a part of gracious living. Visitors will learn about cooking and wine through a highly interactive approach including food demonstrations, wine seminars and tastings. Guests of the Robert Mondavi Discover Wine tour will enjoy a sensory and educational experience that will enhance an appreciation of wine. Robert Mondavi’s wine education staff will engage patrons with live cooking demonstrations and wine seminars to help visitors sharpen their wine knowledge and entertaining skills.

TV’s Ted Allen will be hosting a seminar on food and wine pairing. We had Mr. Allen at Mercy last year and he did an exceptional job of giving guests basic and easy knowledge on how to pair wine with food. I challenge you to come by Mercy when you are done and try out what you have learned.

Let me remind everyone that if you are unable to make this event, that Mercy offers wine classes every other Tuesday from seven o’clock to nine o’clock which feature a four course, small portions, meal and wine with every course. The classes are only $45.00 a person and you will get a great education from our wine guy Vincent!

See you at Mercy!

Craig Brazeal
Bar Manager