Monday, May 24, 2010

The French Kiss

Mercy Wine Bar has been open for over 7 years now. When we first opened, the concept of a "bar" only serving wine and beer, was a new one. Still, seven years later, we still have the occasional guest coming to the bar to order a "Jack and Coke" or other type of cocktail. OOPS !

Our selections of wine ,beer, champagne has a fourth option, Vermouth. Vermouth is a fortified wine, and according to at least one source, it is about as far from regular wine as you can get while still calling it wine.

Vermouth generally starts out as a low-alcohol white wine, which is fortified with the addition of a distilled spirit, coming either from grapes or a vegetable, such as sugar beets. The next step is what separates it from traditional wine and other fortified wines – a variety of flavorings are added, which may include quinine, coriander seeds, cloves, juniper berries, ginger, dried orange and/or lemon peel, chamomile, raspberries, rose petals, or cinnamon.

Summer is going to be hot, and what could be better or more refreshing than a cocktail made out of dry vermouth, known as French Vermouth or sweet known as Italian Vermouth. Your selection poured over ice, into a long tumbler and garnished with a fresh slice of sweet orange that brings flavors of cola, cloves ,cinnamon and the finish of root beer.

You can enjoy V.Y.A. Vermouth at Mercy for $8 a glass. Come and try it. It is worth the experience !

Vincent Havard
General Manager and Operating Partner