Monday, August 1, 2011

We have been very fortunate and we thank you

We have been very fortunate to have won several awards over the past several years and most recently through participation in the Readers Choice Awards with the North Dallas Corridor Magazine. After a nomination process and lengthy voting period by those readers, Mercy was selected by the magazine readers as The Best Place to Sip Wine and The Best Place for a First Date.

This has been an incredible year for us winning several national awards and while we are certainly proud of the industry recognizing what we do, the most pride comes from the Readers Choice Awards. The Readers Choice Awards are voted on by our customers and it shows they like what we are doing and that we have become one of their favorite places to frequent when they go out.

While Vincent and his team do an outstanding job at selecting incredible wine at a great value; Mercy is really about the “whole experience”. It starts when you walk in the door and receive a greeting by our hostess until the time you leave and she says, “thank you and come and see us again”. Your server is a tour guide through our wine list and the varied flavor profiles of the wines. These two awards are a direct reflection of your feedback on that “Total Wine Experience”.

Thank you for your continue support of Mercy Wine Bar and we look forward to seeing you soon. By the way, don't forget, Mercy has live music every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday!!! (YES, Sunday night!!!)

Glen Agritelley