Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ripasso or Ripassa ?

I always love a very good Amarone. The word Ripasso designates both the winemaking technique and the wine, and is usually found on the wine label. Amarone, is a typically rich Italian dry red wine; made from partially dried grapes. Grapes are harvested ripe in the first two weeks of October, by carefully choosing bunches having fruits not too close to each other, to let the air flow. Grapes are allowed to dry, traditionally on straw or bamboo mats. This process gives intense flavor to the wine that could remind you of dark chocolate with a balsamic reduction. These types of wines can be pretty expensive and not the everyday kind of wine that you keep at the house.

This type of winemaking can be pretty expensive and produces not the everyday kind of wine that you would keep at the house. That’s why I love the Ripasso (translates as “re-pass,” it is a second fermentation of vapolicella of the leftover skins of the Amarone). I like to call it a fresh baby Amarone,

Zenato Ripassa 2008 Veneto
This Zenato Ripassa/Ripasso offers rich, elegant aromas of dried fruit such as raisins, prunes, cherries and dark berries ending with a touch of sweet vanilla. This wine is not on the list yet. So do not hesitate to ask one of our servers. They know about it and it is becoming one of their favorites.

Glass $20 ~ Bottle $60 ~ Retail $ 33

Vincent Havard
Operating Partner