Monday, May 2, 2011

More reds "for the heart, from the heart"

If you followed our previous blog entry, you know now that on Tuesday, May 3rd from 6 pm to 9 pm, we will be celebrating our receipt of Wine Bar of the Year honors (from Nightclub and Bar Magazine) and as the blog noted, all proceeds from customer purchases will be donated to the American Heart Association. So, it is truly a celebration; two events rolled into one.

Drinking red wine in moderation can have heart healthy benefits and can lower the risk of heart disease. As we are on the subject of hearts; I wanted to mention a little something about Ehlers Estate winery of Napa Valley. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of Ehlers Estate Wines go to support the Leducq Foundation; a highly regarded, not-for-profit foundation dedicated to funding international cardiovascular research.

Ehlers Estates produce some outstanding wines, one of which will be available for purchase during our heart healthy celebration. We will be serving Ehlers Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. It is ruby red in color, with a nose of cedar, wet tobacco and ripe cherry fruit. The body of the wine has soft but textured tannins. On the back palate; some discrete flavors of tobacco and wet soil emerge as the wine lingers in a long finish.

Ehlers Estate wines are cultivated using organic and biodynamic farming techniques. Do not hesitate to ask our team about this wine and we are extremely thankful for you kind support of Mercy and this worthwhile charity.

See you then.

Vincent Havard
Operating Partner