Monday, May 9, 2011

Blues foundation with a vibrant rock soul

Can you imagine the excitement that you would have felt being in the audience as a new musical artist debuted. You knew listening to this artist that they were destined for greatness and you can take the pride "of ownership" because you recognized that they had that star quality from the onset.

Guests of Mercy have the unique opportunity to witness a star in the making. In this case, it is the MAXimum talent in the form of Max Lewis [Poscente]. Mercy takes great pride to introduce an old soul in a 13 year old body. Max performs blues meshed with a clean rock sound that translates into a memorable performance for his audience.

Max recently was offered a recording contract by the founder and manager of "Destiny's Child" and Beyonce Knowles's career. Mr. Matthew Knowles speaks of Max's passion for music which will take him a long way in the music business.

Max has been writing and performing music for less than 4 years now (remember he is 13 now). You owe it to yourself to see Max perform live......this Sunday at Mercy beginning at 7 pm for a two hour engagement. [He has to be in bed at a decent hour].

Mike Castagne
Operations Manager