Monday, December 20, 2010

What an interesting year it has been

This will be my last blog for this year and what an interesting year it has been.

We are very fortunate to live in Dallas. We didn’t hit the lows that most of the rest of the country did and we seem to be coming out of recession more quickly and with more ease than the rest of the country. Mercy has weathered the storm pretty well. I feel like we have stayed ahead of the curve and managed to dodge some of the bullets.

A key highlight for this year has to be the passing of the off premises sales of wine. Changing a 40 year old rule in the city so that Mercy will be able to sell wine and beer for you to take home. We are very excited about the prospects for this for next year. It will allow us to add much more to what we offer. We are busy putting together many “Mercy” branded items to sell along with the sale of wine. Vincent and the entire team has worked hard to source wines that are unique and not that easy to find in stores and now you’ll be able to buy them from us directly and enjoy some of Mercy at home with friends.

This year we also introduced music on Thursday nights with a bit lighter style than a Saturday evening. Everyone has responded very positively to this new addition. We also introduced the slight of hand and magic of Jarrod Brandon. He is an amazing entertainer and our guest love when he is there. In 2011 we will expand the Thursday night concept and begin some light live music on Sunday evening. An earlier evening but live music from 7 - 9 pm to end your weekend! Look forward more info on this right after the first of the year.

As we go into our eighth year we have so much to be grateful for. Mostly we are grateful for your loyalty and continued support of Mercy. We have worked hard to earn your respect and loyalty and will continue to do that throughout this next year. We will continue to keep those things you have come to know us for and continue to evolve and add new things to help us get better.

From all of us at Mercy we wish you, your families and friends the happiest of holiday seasons and healthy and prosperous New Year!!! And remember……………..we wished for a white Christmas and when the white is gone we immediately open the red”!!!!

Happy Holidays everyone……………Mercy!
Glen Agritelley