Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From the Private Stash

Often used in Bordeaux-style red blends, the Petit Verdot varietal is known as the “small green”. You have to pick the grapes in late or usually mid October. You will sometimes loose some of the crop if you get too much rain from the fall seasons. In the warmer climates of the New World, however, the varietal ripens more reliably.

Petit Verdot is commonly used as a seasoning in blends to add stronger acidity, tannins and shades of dark purple. As a varietal wine, Petit Verdot displays flavors of blackberries along with aromas of banana and notes of violets and leather when mature.

Bringing Petit Verdot to Mercy, we found one from Argentina from my good friend Don Baltazar. It is has already become a new favorite of the staff. But don't look for it to make the wine list. The staff likes to talk it up on their own and sell it from their "private stash" as they call it.

Ask for it. $13 glass $40 bottle .

Vincent Havard
General Manager and Operating Partner