Monday, November 22, 2010

Blue no more

Thank goodness the voting is done!!! Thanks to your support Proposition 1 passed in Addison and the town will now allow wine and beer to be sold for off premises consumption. This means that you will be able to come into Mercy and take home a bottle of your favorite wine. You will be free to purchase as much of it as you like. Surrounding towns have all passed this or have had this available to them, putting to bed some of the old blue laws put into place over 50 years ago. Dallas passed the bill as well by a large margin. You will now be able to go into your corner grocery store as well, to purchase beer and wine. The biggest advantage of this new ruling is that it will hopefully attract a large grocery store into Village on the Parkway. This will be a big convenience for residents and certainly be boost to the city tax revenue.

There is one final obstruction for us at Mercy as it seems there is a zoning restriction for the Village on the Parkway preventing implementation of the new ordinance. In January the city council is taking up a zoning change and hopefully will fix this. Once passed, we have to apply for a special use permit and the city will have final say as to who can and who can’t sell wine and beer for off premises consumption. We are expecting that by February or March, we will be able to offer you our wines to purchase and take home. We have already begun making plans for more Mercy logo promotional items to help launch this new part of the business. Stay tuned, we have some good things planned.

Meanwhile we have been working hard to revamp our website. It is our hope to go into next year with a lot more functionality and interactivity with the Mercy website. We have some exciting things planned that you’ll want to stay tuned for.

If you haven’t tried some of our new menu items we hope to see you soon. At the request of a guest we have added a surf and turf to the menu along with beautiful sea scallops. New salads and new chocolate have been added to the desert menu as well.

From all of us at Mercy, we wish you the happiest of Thanksgiving. We appreciate and are thankful for your continued support throughout these seven and a half years. We will continue to work hard to make Mercy the “Best Part of Your Day”!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Glen Agritelley