Sunday, November 15, 2009

What to give ?

For several years now, I have purchased Gift Certificates in lieu of an actual item for those on my holiday gift list. I don't look at it as an impersonal gesture since I do vary the type of gift certificate that I select for everyone.

Gift certificates or gift cards are especially great for teenagers because they like so many different things such as the newest electronic gadgets, video games, so it is logical to give them a Gift Certificate to a national Superstore.

Another benefit is that you don't have to go to great lengths figuring out what merchandise to buy and whether the recipient will like it, whether it will fit or need to be returned or exchanged. My closet still has an assortment of clothing gifts that I need to donate to a local charity. Items given to me that were the wrong size or just not suited for me.

To keep it from being too impersonal, I always do include a hand written note to the recipient telling them why I selected this specific certificate for them. Most of the businesses that I have selected offer a nice gift card holder with ample space to allow a personalized note along with the certificate.

Receiving a dining gift certificate is always an excellent choice especially when the recipient enjoys eating out and sampling great wines in a warm and romantic environment.

Did I mention that Mercy has an ample selection of Gift Certificates ready for you holiday shopping ?

Mike Castagne
Operations Manager