Monday, November 30, 2009

These are unprecedented times we live in

This will be my last blog for 2009. Seems I am just getting use to writing 09 and have to get ready for 2010! Everyone agrees this year has just screamed past us at lightning speed. And what a year this has been. Not one for the faint of heart to be sure. These are unprecedented times we live in. No one has been untouched by the current economic climate. While some businesses have been hit harder than others I feel very fortunate that Mercy is weathering the storm. Your loyalty over the last 7 years demonstrates the viability of Mercy, even in these very tough times. It was my goal 7+ years ago to create a local place where people who enjoy wine or are looking to learn more and can go over and over again and have a variety of different experiences. I also wanted to demystify the entire aura around wine and make it a comfortable experience for everyone, no matter what their knowledge level.

There is a silver lining in these times, believe it or not! While the competition for the limited dining and entertainment dollar increases, those establishments that come out the other end of this storm intact, have to deliver greater value and have better service. Everyone betters from this. The guest has a more satisfying experience and gets greater value for their dollar and the establishments employees get the opportunity to step up and grow and do a better job.

You continue to honor us with your patronage and that is what spurs us on to continue to work hard to deliver great service and great value. I can honestly say that it gives me just as much pleasure to watch a guest discover and new wine and fall in love with it as it did the first year we opened. The Art of Wine is journey and requires day-to-day vigilance to maintaining the quality of the wines we serve and then delivering, daily, on the experience the guest has with that wine.

This year has been one of navigating through rough waters while staying true to our mission. Your continue patronage tells us we are doing the right things. I’d like to close this year out by saying “Thank You”. Thank you for believing in us and continuing to support us. I remain optimistic about 2010 and the prospects for improvement for the upcoming year.

From all of us at Mercy, we wish you a very happy holiday and a New Year full of health and renewed prosperity.

Glen Agritelley