Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In celebration of the Tour de France

Every year a major event takes place in my native country of France. Care to guess what it is? It is one of the most prestigious and physically demanding sporting events, better known as the Tour de France. The annual bicycle race covers more than 3,500 kilometers or 2,200 miles throughout France and usually lasts 23 days attracting cyclists from around the world. Millions of spectators, TV viewers and avid followers tune in year after year not only to watch the race but also get a taste of new places, climates and lifestyles.

We here at Mercy have been thinking and decided to participate in the excitement! It actually makes perfect sense because wine allows us to travel, learn and experience through the pallet. So, starting Monday July 6 until July 26, you will be able to take a personal tour through your taste buds with wines from the various regions and sub regions of the hexagon. Just like the race, your Tour de France celebration at Mercy will begin in the Principality of Monaco and end in Paris on the Champs-Elysées. We put together a calendar on the Mercy website featuring all the stages of the race and the accompanying wines from the related region. These wines will be available “by the flight” and “by the glass”, ranging from $8 to $16 each. Let the tour begin!

Vincent Havard