Monday, March 30, 2009

Simplicity and Elegance

I am writing this month’s blog from beautiful sunny Miami, and if you are asking, what does that have to do with Mercy? Well, quite a bit actually. I have been coming to Miami for 10 years at this same time to attend the Sony Ericsson professional tennis tournament.

As part of this pilgrimage every year, I have dinner at the Blue Door in the Delano Hotel ( This is a classic 50's art deco hotel which is one of Miami's "hot spots". The hotel is adorned with ceiling to floor white sheers throughout the interior. This was the inspiration for the sheers we have at Mercy. They flow in the wind when the doors open and create great spaces to enjoy a drink with privacy. I have always been impressed with the simplicity and elegance of this space. While Mercy is very Italian in it's "feel" the Delano is ultra modern but you can not help
but notice the beauty the draping creates in the space.

As usual, we dine on the back patio overlooking the wading pool. It is a balmy evening with a cool breeze. The stark white nature of everything in the hotel creates a simplicity and elegance unsurpassed! There is a constant parade of beautiful people from all over the world. High fashion is in vogue and everyone is dressed like they just left their GQ modeling gig! Of course the food is incredible. Nouveau Americana cuisine is impeccable.

This is my 10th anniversary at this tournament and one of the highlights of my year and the Delano never ceases to impress. Everything about the dining experience is simply amazing. Next time you are in Miami stop by, even for a drink. You will not be disappointed, I promise you. Stay for dinner if you can and treat yourself to one of the better dining experiences you might have.

By the way, we are working on our summer and spring menu and will have it all ready for you in another few weeks. We are excited about some of the changes. However, do not fear, many of your favorites are remaining but we have some great surprises in store! Also, stop by and see our new patio fire pit!

Gotta run, tennis is about to start and can't miss one shot!

Glen Agritelley