Monday, March 16, 2009

Chris Isaak "Mr. Lucky"

Although over the past 20 years Chris Isaak has been a household name, the fact that this is his first release in over seven years definitely deserves our attention. Mr. Isaak has always been a Mercy favorite and his new album "Mr. Lucky" proves to be no exception. 

This time around, Isaak seems to have drawn from a wider range of musical influences rather than just honing in on one sound. Die-hard fans won't be disappointed with his soft pop melodies, but rather interested to find that he has added a hint of edginess that has bumped him from the pop genre into the rock category.

A few of my top tracks on the album include the opener "Cheater's Town" with it's nice alternative country feel, "Take My Heart" offers a rarely done country swing track to the album, and my personal favorite "Baby, Baby" features Chris Isaak's soothing vocals and tender lyrics which personify why we love him so.

My only complaint regarding this album is that it took seven years to get here. Rest assured you'll be hearing a few tracks from "Mr. Lucky" on the Mercy play list soon.

Liz Williams