Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Seeing Red

It started with the Red Room...with its rich, dark walls, burgundy drapes and Red lighting (or did it actually start with Red wine) ? A discussion for another time. Then we added the Red neon that surrounds the Mercy logo sign which welcomes guests at our front door. Red does make a great accent to our logo. Initially, there was some concern that the Red neon lighting would be too bright or that it would distract the cars traveling on Montfort Drive. These concerns all proved to be unfounded as it is difficult now (after almost nine years of growth) to see our sign which is partially obscured by the trees.

When it was time to add additional (and more comfortable) seating for our patio, a bright Red fabric was selected to cover the cushions of our furniture, with further additions of Red ashtrays to accommodate the cigarette smokers.

A year ago, we were host to a private party and to dramatize our entrance further, we rented LED lighting to bathe the building front in a vibrant Red sheen. It gave an almost Hollywood-like feel to our wine bar and restaurant. It served a dual purpose as it increased the available reading light and made it easier to read both the food and wine menus at night.

Quite often we are tasked to provide directions to Mercy's location in the Village of the Parkway. Located at the traffic circle is beneficial but confusing to the first-time visitor. Flash back to a year ago and the dramatic Hollywood lighting. With appropriate fan fare, we decided to purchase the Red welcome beacons at our entrance. Just in time, I might add, for an upcoming holiday season and a visit from a jolly man in a Red suit.

As the holiday season is approaching fast, drop us an e-mail, give us a call, and let's talk about some event planning for your office or social gathering. It should be much, much easier for your guests to find us this year, just look for the Red Light(s)....and STOP IN !

Mike Castagne

Operations Manager