Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It is back !

Peju Provence from Napa is back.....!

For over 8 years now, selections from the Peju winery have been on the Mercy wine list. We wish to thank them once again for maintaining their consistancy and producing outstanding wines.

Every year, we have been extremely fortunate to get a very rare and special allocation of Peju Provence that you normally can only purchase directly at the winery . We believe it to be "the perfect fruity summer wine" or as we call it, "our patio pounder."

It is the perfect marriage of white and red juicy varietals. Chardonnay to give it a nice creamy mouth feel and then blended in is a bit of French Colombard, Red Zinfandel , Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The aromas will remind you of framboise (raspberry tart) with a complement of strawberry jam and a balanced finish of soft tannin from the Cabernet .

As I stated, the amount of this wine is very limited and guests ask for it year round even after we run out. "Is Peju back yet ?" We only can get 15 cases a year and yes, we will run out again . Sorry.....

Peju Provence is only available at Mercy and it will not be for retail sales (only for on-premise enjoyment).

3oz $9. 6oz $18. $55 btl

Warning ! Addiction guaranteed.

Vincent Havard
General Manager and Operating Partner