Monday, October 25, 2010

A World Festival

Addison hosted a “World Festival” this weekend at Village on the Parkway. Unfortunately the tornado warning and torrential rains dampened Saturday but Sunday was beautiful and the people came in droves. An estimated 10,000 people showed up to sample food, drink and merchandise from around the world. Entertainment was everywhere and it was a great family day.

From the commerce perspective it was great exposure for the shops in Village on the Parkway. Mercy was open at noon and we had a brisk crowd, many of them first time visitors of Mercy. It was great to see new people excited about finding Mercy. This weekend substantiates how critical this center is for the future of Addison. This center needs more stores that will draw more people into it. A key piece of this puzzle will be decided next Tuesday on election day. Citizens of Addison will get to vote on allowing beer and wine to be sold for off premises consumption. If this new ordinance passes, it will allow a big, higher end grocery store, such as Whole Foods or Central Market to move in. The increase in traffic will be a boom to the center and to the tax base of Addison.

Addison has so much to offer. Large chain specialty grocery stores will not move to Addison without the ability to sell beer and wine. All surrounding cities have moved in this direction. Dallas has this before the voters as well and it is expected to pass. Addison needs to take a leadership role here to stay with the times. This decision will have an impact on its development for the next 10 years.

Please go and vote next Tuesday and vote YES for Proposition 1.

Glen Agritelley