Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Change is a necessary part of life

Building a successful restaurant and wine bar require many different facets. The decor, the wine selections, the physical location are all important factors. At Mercy, I have always maintained that it is our staff that have really contributed the most and been the real building blocks of our success.

Recruiting, hiring, training, team building, nurturing and supervision are important components of the staffing process. As managers, we are responsible to support our staff, work as a team with the other managers to ultimately deliver a great guest experience to all that visit Mercy.

The last two years have brought to us a variety of new experiences with changes taking place in the economy, the environment and the political and technological landscapes. Change is a necessary part of life. Mercy has evolved and changed throughout our existence; food menu and wine offerings, decor and staffing evolutions.

Craig Brazeal, our bar manager, has been a valued working partner to his fellow managers these past two years, a supportive mentor to our staff and a welcome presence behind the bar to many of our guests. Change is necessary and so when new opportunities open, new experiences unfold, we have to adapt and embrace. Craig has accepted a new opportunity which will chart new experiences for him in a different city. He will be serving out his remaining three weeks at Mercy and while we are sorry to see him leave, we welcome the opportunity it will provide to him in his professional life.

Please stop in to visit Craig and all of as at Mercy over the coming few weeks. Take a moment to say hi and wish Craig the best, as we do, in his future endeavors.

Mike Castagne
Operations Manager