Monday, March 8, 2010

Can you believe it is already March ?

It seems like it was only just last week that we were celebrating a new year and now we have already entered the third month of that new year.

Vincent and Craig have already started to plan their summer vacations, while I believe I will do some traveling.... right into my own backyard. I hope that the shivering cold that we have experienced is behind us now and we can move towards some great spring weather and outdoor events. Judging by the large number of happy guests on Mercy's patio as of late; some of you had similar thoughts in mind.

Mercy was been host to several large events already in this new year. There is always a great sense of enjoyment for all of us when we are host to a large event. These events all have their own special nuances and we enjoy rising to meet the challenges that come from serving numerous guests concurrently.

It is especially gratifying for the management team, as we really get to see a "teamwork" attitude from the staff as each department gears up and contributes to the success of an event. I take an additional measure of pleasure when each party comes to a conclusion as it began as a blank event sheet on my desk.

Three new proposals were sent out today for upcoming parties and I am anxious to do more ! If you are planning an event: a wedding reception, a rehearsal dinner,a book club meeting, network marketing group get together,a sales presentation, contact me !

I welcome the opportunity to show you what we can do.

Mercy !

Mike Castagne
Operations Manager