Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Memories are made of shared experiences

Memories are made of shared experiences. The sights and surroundings, the tastes and aromas, and your significant person to share those special memories. Beginning on Monday, Feb 8th, we will introduce an additional new menu experience, Mercy - you and MEnu ~ a shared food and wine experience. We feel the best memories are those which are shared and to that extent,we will help you accomplish this.

A dining experience for two people:
A shared appetizer ~ our Smoked Bruschetta (4 pieces).
A small House Salad accompanied by a glass of Fiano Di Avellino

An entree for each from among these Plates:
Tortellini Pasta with Chicken, New York Strip Steak or Blackened Salmon accompanied by a glass of Les Fontanelles Pinot Noir.

Something sweet for the senses, a Dessert from among the following:
Chocolate Marquise, Red Velvet Cake or Raspberry Lemon Drop.

This shared dining experience is yours for an all inclusive price of $99 per couple. We invite you to experience all the shared memories that await you at Mercy, a wine bar and restaurant.