Monday, September 28, 2009

Creating Holiday Memories

When you were a child, you looked forward to each holiday and the special memories that were attached to each.

Memorial Day signaled the start of summer; Independence Day, a big summer picnic followed by a community fireworks display; Labor Day, the end of summer (ugh and the start of school); Halloween and all that candy; Thanksgiving (and lots of turkey); Christmas and a spirit of giving.

As you get older, the holidays still have all of those special memories but the years seem to fly by faster now, don't they ? It seems like I have just put away last year's Christmas decorations and very shortly, they will have to come out of the attic again!

The retail stores are getting a jump on the Christmas holidays as well. I saw one store employee assembling artificial Christmas trees next to a huge display of holiday wrapping paper.

At Mercy, we have already started booking holiday party events and have had numerous inquiries for additional events. Working at a restaurant gives you the unique opportunity to share holiday memories with your customers. Over the years, I have helped plan out quite a few events and they all hold special memories for me.

Mercy has many great options available for your office and company holiday events: [Appetizer platters coupled with wine/beer selections] or [multi-course dining events with wine pairings], with great pricing for most holiday budgeting.

Create some special memories of your own at Mercy this holiday season. Our catering menu is available for viewing at:

Let us know, we would love to be part of your holiday memory !

Mike Castagne