Monday, July 20, 2009

Michael Buble' Meets Madison Square Garden

I will admit that I was a little late to hop onto the Michael Buble' train. Of course I've heard the name for years, but I tend to gravitate toward the original tracks of all the greats rather than remakes and remixes. I'm not trying to sound like a snob, I just love the old crackles and pops of the recordings of Sinatra, Nina, and Redding etc.

However, a couple of months ago I stumbled across his 2006 release "It's Time" at Half Priced Books for under ten bucks and thought it was steal. It didn't take long for me to appreciate the croonings of the Canadian born singer and start scooping up his other albums as well.

Mr. Buble' has been off of the radar since 2007 but has put himself back in the game this summer with a two disc CD/DVD combo called "Michael Buble' meets Madison Square Garden". The package includes a 10 track CD with a DVD documentary as well as the behind-the-scenes buildup and performance of his Madison Square Garden concert. The performance not only spotlights Buble's obvious vocal ability but he also shines as an entertainer, connecting with his audience and stagemates. Fully loaded with a big band, the live tracks feature a few of Sinatra's classic favorites including "I've Got the World on a String" and Buble's co-written original "Home".

All in all, it's simply an example of a great singer doing what he does best during his first performance in one of the most desired venues in the world. I really enjoyed the behind the scenes intimate moments where Buble' talks about everything that led up to the big event. There are a few clips available on his site if you want a tasty preview and two-disc combo is available online for less than $30 bucks.

Liz Williams
Live Music Director