Monday, August 10, 2009

Finding Art in a Wine Label

In an attempt to “spice up” the summer doldrums and the triple digit temperatures, Mercy is partnering with my good friend Steve Harvill, who owns a company called Creative Ventures, to host a wine label contest . This should prove to be a fun event which we are going to run throughout the month of August.

Here is how it is going to work: take a photo of your favorite wine label. Not your favorite wine but of a LABEL that you think shows the most creativity or that you think is very cool. Send that digital photo of the label to Mercy at or to Steve Harvill at or you may send it to both of us if you like.

Throughout the month of August, Steve, myself and the management team at Mercy will sit down and select the label that we believe shows the most creativity. The person who submitted the label that we chose will be invited to have dinner (with a guest) at Mercy with Steve, Vincent and myself. We will secure and serve the wine that the label comes from to enjoy at that dinner.

This should prove to be a fun project for everyone to take part in as they look at wines while they are shopping or just selections you might have in your wine storage. There are some really creative wine labels out there and many wine enthusiasts believe that wine labels represent an art form unto themselves.

Start looking for yourself and see what you think. Spend a bit of time and take a few pictures of labels you think are special and submit one that you like the best.

I am really pleased to announce that this week we were notified that for the 5th consecutive year, Mercy Wine Bar has been awarded the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. We are very proud of this award and having received it for Five consecutive years says to us that some of the best in our industry believes we are doing the right things.

Thanks for your continued support and lets have some fun with finding some creative and cool wine labels.